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Dental Arts of South Jersey is located in the Voorhees/Cherry Hill area of South Jersey. Our office is a comprehensive, multi-doctor implant surgery facility dedicated to excellence in dentistry.

It seems like it should be common sense that people would want to go to one office for specialty dental treatments. While your regular dentist can handle your day-to-day needs and hygiene care, you’ll find that dental implants, cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, periodontics, endodontics, veneers, and other specialty procedures really need to be done by specialists with advanced training.

While our office is large, we pride ourselves on our high level of professionalism. Studies have shown that the rate of success in specialized dental procedures is much greater when a patient is seen by a doctor who does the same type of procedure day in and day out. When it comes to endodontics (root canals), periodontics (treatment for gingivitis and periodontitis), and dental implants, you want to know that your doctor has successfully completed procedure after procedure.

At Dental Arts of South Jersey, each specific area of dental expertise has its own group of specialists, giving you the ability to revisit our office for any of your advanced needs while seeing a separate specialist for each.

Are you nervous about your upcoming dental procedure? Please let us know. Dental Arts of South Jersey is able to offer intravenous sedation (otherwise known as sleep anesthesia) to patients who are anxious about their treatments. Talk to your doctor about the other options that may be available.

Our doctors aren’t just specialists. They’re top in their field, lecturing at dental conferences and scientific symposia and publishing research papers of their own. They’re the doctors others look up to for information, education, and inspiration. The areas of expertise you’ll find in our office include:


NJ’s Top Dentists

Jack Piermatti DMD, FACP – Prosthodontist, N.J. Spec. #5575
Steve J. Reisman, DMD- General Dentistry
Robin C. Windl, DDS – Prosthodontics, N.J. Spec. #5486
Robert W. Mermer, DDS – Oral Surgeon N.J. Spec. 4021
John Nikas, DMD – Periodontist, N.J. Spec. #5766
Gregory Lehnes, DMD – Prosthodontist, N.J. Spec. #6126
Domenick A. Cerullo, DMD – General Dentistry

No matter who you see, you can be assured you’ll be treated to personal care by one of New Jersey’s top dentists. Please visit our patient testimonials page for additional information on the experiences others have had.

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