Published Works

Dr. Jack Piermatti’s Published works on Dental Implants

  1. Piermatti J, Nikas J, Winkler S. The Use of Root Form Implants in Overdenture Treatment for the Atrophic Mandible: A Clinical Report.
    J Oral Implantology. 2011:37(6):723-726.
  2. Piermatti J, Winkler S.Metal Bases for Implant Overdentures. General Dentistry. 2010:58(5):400-403.
  3. Piermatti J. Using CAD-CAM Technology for the Full-Mouth, Fixed, Retrieveable Implant Restoration: A Clinical Report. J Oral Implantol. 2007;32(6):23-7.
  4. Piermatti J, Yousef H, Luke A, Mahevich R, Weiner S. An In Vitro Analysis of Implant Screw Torque Loss with External Hex and Internal
    Connection Implant Systems. Implant Dentistry. 2006:15(4):427-432.
  5. Piermatti J. Tooth position in full-mouth implant restorations – A case report. General Dentistry. 2006:54(3):209-213.
  6. Borguet M, Piermatti J. Prevention of mucogingival defects around dental implants: A review. Compendium. 2006:27(4):224-229.
  7. Aboyoussef H, Piermatti J. Screw-torque analysis of the implant-abutment screw J Prosthodontics. 2002:11(4):338(1)
  8. Winkler S, Piermatti J, Rothman A, Siamos G. An overview of the O-ring implant overdenture attachment: clinical reports. J Oral Implantol. 2002;28(2):82-6.
  9. Piermatti J, Winkler S. An overview of the Lew attachment: clinical reports. J Oral Implantol. 2001;27(2):77-81


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