Cosmetic Dentistry

What’s the Difference between Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry?

The early beginnings of dentistry may have focused more on diagnosing, treating and preventing oral disease; but it has since branched out into other fields including that of cosmetic dentistry, which places emphasis on improving the appearance of a person’s teeth, mouth and smile.

Patients teeth before and after dental treatment.

In cosmetic dentistry, the emphasis is on the art of dentistry, not just the science. In other words, the field of general, restorative and/or family dental practice addresses dental concerns that require necessary treatments for dental functionality, while cosmetic dentistry provides more elective treatments or services to enhance aesthetics. The latter requires a sophisticated level of finesse and having a good eye when it comes to the smallest details — including the design of how a particular client’s smile should look.

Will my Dentist use both Cosmetic and Restorative Treatments?

However, these two may sometimes overlap since cosmetic dentistry may also provide restorative benefits like in the case of dental fillings. Previously, most dental fillings were made primarily of gold, amalgam and other materials that left visible dark spots on the teeth. Yes, they worked and allowed teeth to do what teeth are supposed to do, but, because the dark filling were very visible, they didn’t look too good.

Today, you have the option to select fillings made of porcelain or composite resin materials that closely match the color of your teeth, and maintain the natural appearance of your teeth and smile. In such instances, dental fillings may fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry. Many people usually opt to have their older fillings replaced with newer, tooth-colored fillings to enhance their appearance.

I thought Dentistry was More than Just Fillings?

dental-examDental fillings are just one of the many cosmetic dentistry services offered at Dental Arts of South Jersey in Voorhees. Our dentists can also perform various procedures such as teeth bleaching to improve whiteness, replacing broken/chipped/lost teeth with ceramic false teeth, or changing the size/shape/alignment of certain teeth to enhance a patient’s total facial contour and shape. An overview and general description of some of our services include:

  • Porcelain veneers — hard, thin shells of tooth-colored material that can mask a variety of dental imperfections and are designed to substitute for tooth enamel.
  • Teeth whitening — can be accomplished at home or in the dentist’s chair. A relatively inexpensive way to brighten your smile, with a variety of products and methods to choose from.
  • Composite bonding — improves the appearance and strength of chipped teeth by attaching a tooth-colored composite resin to the teeth to fill in gaps.
  • Porcelain Crowns — replaces more natural tooth structure than veneers. Heavily damaged teeth can be covered with natural-looking porcelain crowns.
  • Inlays & Onlaysfillings applied to the inside of the tooth, they are referred to as “inlays”,  while fillings attached to the biting surface, they are known as “onlays.”In certain cases, fillings can be fabricated from porcelain or composite materials in a dental laboratory to more closely match the color of a tooth.
  • Porcelain Bridgework — a replacement attached to the natural teeth on either side of the space for a missing tooth.
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings — a huge improvement from obvious and unsightly fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are barely noticeable.

What can Dental Arts of South Jersey, Voorhees, do to Help my Smile?

With the help of our cosmetic dentistry experts at Dental Arts of South Jersey, clients can now elevate their self-esteem simply by using the advanced techniques and technologies available at our office in Voorhees / Cherry Hill. This may just make all the difference for kids who have previously experienced being bullied because they look different or odd. Now they can reinvent themselves and flash a more confident and winning smile. Perhaps you’re someone who’s been a wallflower for a long time and just want the chance to have a better social life, or maybe you’re just doing it for you because you want to feel better about yourself.

Our experienced and dental care experts at Dental Arts of South Jersey can talk to you about your goals and how they can help you achieve it. Self-esteem is a very critical value every person needs and a consultation with our dentists at Dental Arts of South Jersey will not just improve your oral health, but will also give you a better feeling knowing that you can look your best. Call us at (856) 942-1738 to schedule an appointment.


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