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Nobel Biocare Dental Implant System

Dental implant systems come in various forms, features, and brands. All of them are designed to replace missing teeth, but with the differences in their features, the long-term results of the implants may vary. At Dental Arts of South Jersey, one of our most trusted dental implant brands is Nobel Biocare.

A Brief Background about the Nobel Biocare Brand

Nobel Biocare was founded in 1952, when the concept of osseointegration was discovered by the researcher Per-Ingvar Brånemark. He worked with Bofors, a Swedish company, and established Nobelpharma which was later on known as Nobel Biocare.

As the first ever company to develop dental implants, Nobel Biocare is always at the frontline of innovation and development in everything related to implantology and dental prosthetics. Many studies about dental implantology were based on Nobel Biocare products, and it is also the company that is always first to release new and improved models of dental implants.

Nobel Biocare became a division of the Danaher Manufacturing Company in 2014, and as part of one of the largest manufacturers of consumer products in the world, the company has become more accessible to commercial industries and the private sector.

Features of Nobel Biocare Products

What makes Nobel Biocare products different from other dental devices today?

  1. Innovation and technology. As the leading dental implant developers, Nobel Biocare moves faster than other companies because they have first-hand knowledge and experience in manufacturing and applying dental implants. They are able to continuously upgrade their products to meet both commercial and consumer standards.
  2. Top-notch quality. The parts and materials used for all Nobel Biocare dental implant systems are of the highest quality and biocompatibility.
  3. Versatility. Nobel Biocare has over 3,000 items in their catalog, each product designed to meet the specific need of every patient.
  4. Longevity. Nobel Biocare dental implants are made to last a lifetime.

These features ensure that every patient’s prosthetics are not just esthetically pleasing, but also long-lasting and highly functional. With high-quality dental restorations, you will be able to regain your beautiful smile, clear speech, well-contoured face, and efficient biting and chewing abilities.

The Nobel Biocare Dental Implant Systems

Nobel Biocare offers several dental implant systems for different patient conditions. These include:

  1. NobelActive. This implant is designed for patients with poor bone and gum tissue mass. The design allows for stable osseointegration even with little bone to hold onto.
  2. NobelParallel Conical Connection. This straight implant is very flexible and can be used for different patient conditions. It’s also simple to use even for new implantologists.
  3. NobelReplace Conical Connection. This implant combines a tapered design with a conical seal for maximum esthetic benefits.
  4. NobelReplace Tapered. This system has four different options that allow flexibility and esthetic benefits to the patient.
  5. NobelSpeedy. This implant is the most widely used model for All-on-4 treatments, where an entire dental arch is supported by 4 dental implants.
  6. Brånemark System. This is the pioneer model and the most widely used and documented dental implant in the world. It’s the leader in quality and efficiency for all dental implants.

Nobel Biocare Implants in South Jersey

dental implants Nobel BiocareAt Dental Arts of South Jersey, we use Nobel Biocare systems to provide the best and highest quality dental implants for our patients. Our expert and board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Jack Piermatti has done more than 17,000 dental implants over the course of his profession. He is one of the best prosthodontists of our generation.

If you would like to know more about Nobel Biocare dental implants and how we use them, just give us a call at (856) 942-1738. Our dentists can also give a more in-depth explanation when you come in for your appointment. You can set up an appointment when you call or fill out this web form.

When it comes to dental implantation, Dental Arts of South Jersey is the best place to visit. The quality of Nobel Biocare implants combined with the expertise of our dentists can guarantee successful results.


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