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The pain of an injury to your teeth or an abscess in your jaw can be blinding. Our emergency dentists in Voorhees can provide fast relief for pain and solid solutions to resolve these issues quickly and effectively. By calling us at the first sign of trouble, you can arrange for emergency dental care that addresses your immediate needs and allows you to enjoy your routine activities once again.

The services provided by our emergency dentists in Voorhees are designed to reduce pain and to prevent any further damage to your teeth. These emergency appointments are not intended to substitute for regular visits, teeth cleaning services or other routine dental care. For these procedures, you can make an appointment with our office in the normal way. Here are some questions our patients ask about emergency dental care.

When Should I Seek Immediate Help?

If you have been seriously injured in an accident or if you are in unbearable pain after our regular office hours, we recommend that you call 911 or visit your hospital’s emergency room. The physicians and nurses on duty at these facilities are qualified to diagnose any medical issues you may be experiencing and can provide you with the care you need to recover from your injuries and to relieve your pain.

If you suffer a toothache or injury during our regular business hours, please call us at (856) 324-3361. Our emergency dentists will do their best to provide you with a same-day appointment to diagnose and treat your condition as quickly as possible.

What Procedures Can Emergency Dentists Perform?

As one of the most respected and trusted emergency dentists in Voorhees, we can perform a wide range of procedures. From tooth extraction to root canal treatments, we can deliver the best possible options for you and every member of your family. We also have an oral surgeon on our team.

If you are currently experiencing severe pain, we can prescribe medications that can reduce pressure on sensitive nerves by addressing infections or inflammations in your teeth, gums or jaw. We can also offer temporary pain relief medicines that can allow you to sleep, work and continue your daily routine. By choosing our dental office for your urgent and routine care, you can have confidence that your problems will be addressed quickly and in the most effective ways possible.

What Conditions Require Immediate Emergency Dental Care?

If you have lost a tooth in an accident, calling our office as quickly as possible can sometimes allow our emergency dentists to save the tooth by reattaching it into the socket. Other conditions that may require immediate attention include the following:

Root Canals

Our dentists perform root canals to repair and save teeth that have sustained bad decay, damage, or an infection.


If a tooth becomes so severely decayed, infected, fractured or injured that it cannot be saved, then extractions are performed to remove the tooth.


Untreated cavities can result in great sensitivity and pain, so you must call our office right away to have the decayed teeth repaired.

Severe Dental Sensitivity

If you suffer from severe dental sensitivity when you eat or drink anything very cold or hot, call our office so our dentists can see if it’s being caused by a fractured tooth or gum infection.

A Fractured Tooth

Never overlook a fractured tooth because you are leaving the tooth more vulnerable to damage. Instead, cover any sharp edges with dental wax and call us for treatment right away.

A Tooth Knocked-Out

A sudden accident or injury can leave you with a knocked-out tooth. By calling out practice immediately, our emergency dentists may have a chance to save the tooth and re-implant it.

Intense Tooth Pain or Pressure

Any time you experience intense tooth pain or pressure, take it as a sign of a possible dental problem and get immediate treatment. This is especially important is you also notice any abnormal symptoms like dental pressure or a fever.

Abscessed Tooth

One of the most painful dental problems is an abscessed tooth, which is the dental term for a badly-infected tooth. Along with extreme pain, it often causes major facial swelling, a fever, open gum other serious complications, so it demands emergency treatment.

Sinus Pressure With Dental Pain

It’s not uncommon to experience sinus pressure. But when you have sinus pressure with dental pain pain, it can indicate a dental problem such as a tooth infection or impacted wisdom tooth that requires urgent treatment.

Loose, Damaged, or Lost Fillings

Over time, you may notice that you have loose, damaged, or lost fillings. Don’t ignore these issues because they can make teeth more susceptible to tooth decay and damage. Instead, call our office for immediate treatment.

Broken Restorations or Dental Crowns

Despite their inherent strength, you may experience broken restorations or dental crowns. This is more than a cosmetic concern because it can harm the structure and health of your teeth if left untreated. Call our office for prompt repair.

Eroded Enamel Due to Tooth Grinding

Do you grind your teeth without realizing it and don’t know how to stop? This is a problem called bruxism. In addition to causing great frustration, it can result in eroded enamel due to tooth grinding. But our emergency dentists can protect your teeth by providing you with a night guard, as well as strengthen them by repairing lost enamel.

In some cases, seeking the help of our professional staff as quickly as possible can be critical to protect your teeth. If you are in doubt, you can call our office and ask to speak to one of our emergency dentists to determine if your issue is urgent and requires immediate attention.

What Treatments Are Available?

Depending on your condition and the amount of time available for your appointment, your emergency dentists will, at a minimum, provide you with the following:

  • Assistance with pain management, including prescription medications when appropriate
  • Stabilizing treatments that can prevent further damage to your teeth
  • Repair and restorative procedures to cover exposed nerve endings and to remove decayed areas of your teeth

If time permits, we can also repair or replace fillings and create temporary crowns or bridges to provide greater support for your teeth. Root canals, permanent crowns and tooth implants typically require two or more visits of an extended length. Our knowledgeable dental staff will work with you to create a treatment plan suited to your financial situation and your ongoing needs.

When I suffer a dental emergency and need emergency dental care near me, is it better to call 911 or seek an emergency dental office near me?

This uncertainty is shared by many people when they need urgent dental care. But when you experience a dental emergency, there isn’t time to ponder, “Who do I call for emergency dental care near me?” You need to know whether to call 911 or head to an emergency dental office for the emergency dental services you need. Generally, an emergency dental office is only able to treat general dental problems. For severe dental conditions involving the symptoms listed below, you should call 911 or head to a hospital for more advanced emergency dental services.

  • Extensive gum or facial swelling
  • A major injury or accident affecting your head, face, jaw, or teeth
  • Relentless oral bleeding

Managing the Costs of Emergency Dental Care

The expense of emergency dental appointments can be challenging for some families. We offer affordable options for emergency dental care and provide a variety of payment options designed to suit almost any budget. Our office accepts major credit cards and most dental plans, allowing you to defray the costs of your treatment or to extend the length of time you have to pay for these procedures. We will work with you to ensure that you can afford the treatments you need to enjoy a brighter smile and pain-free dentistry from our expert staff members. Our office also takes part in the DentRite® discount program. By paying a small fee each year, you and your family can enjoy much lower prices on many of our most popular procedures.

Is there an emergency dental office near me that offers treatment at night or on weekends?

Emergency practices can only provide care during normal business hours. Yet, please don’t delay in seeking treatment because this can lead to complications down the line. For after-hours emergencies, you will need call 911 or go to your closest hospital for urgent dental care. But for local emergency treatment during normal business hours, please call our practice for care.

If you need emergency services from one of our highly skilled dental team, give us a call to schedule your appointment with us. We can provide you with the best possible solutions for your current issues and can deliver the preventive care you need to reduce the risks of dental emergencies in the future. Our dental practice is dedicated to providing you with the best care in the Voorhees area.

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