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If you’re suffering from persistent tooth pain or another ongoing dental problem, it may be time to consider oral surgery in Voorhees. With the help of our experienced oral surgeon, you can restore your dental health and enjoy the benefits of healthy, well-functioning teeth and gums.

What Is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery, which is sometimes referred to as oral and maxillofacial surgery, is a field of dentistry focused on diagnosing and treating injuries, oral diseases, and defects that impair a patient’s mouth function. While dental surgery focuses on treatment inside the mouth, maxillofacial procedures involve the face and jaw. Orthognathic surgery involves correcting skeletal misalignment or irregularities around the mouth and jaw. To find out whether a surgical procedure is right for you, please call our oral surgery office in Voorhees at (856) 324-3361.

What Oral Surgery Services Are Available?

If you’re wondering, “Where can I undergo dental surgery near me?” the answer is just a phone call away. Please contact our office at (856) 324-3361 to learn more about the following services:

Oral Cancer Screenings and Diagnosis

Oral cancer can sometimes develop without any symptoms, so regular screenings from a dentist are vital. During your screening, a dentist will examine your mouth for lumps, thickening, or other suspicious sores in the mouth. As the condition progresses, you may experience ear pain, swelling, or trouble moving your tongue or jaw. Fortunately, oral cancer is treatable with proper care from a dentist or oral surgeon. If an abnormality is detected, it will be biopsied and further analyzed.

Oral Pathology

The area of oral and maxillofacial pathology refers to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mouth, jaws, salivary glands, facial muscles, and other related areas. The mouth is responsible for many different functions and because of this, it can develop a variety of dental or medical conditions. Our board-certified oral surgeon specializes in treating unusual cases where the treatment plan can be complicated. Examples of pathological dental conditions include patchwork tongue, palatal cysts, and hairy tongue. We utilize oral maxillofacial surgery, antibiotics, and other methods to eliminate the illness or defect and restore your oral health.

Sedation Dentistry

Often referred to as “sleep dentistry,” sedation dentistry is a method of helping patients feel comfortable during extractions, oral pathology treatments, and other procedures. Our oral surgeon is highly skilled in IV sedation. Medications are sometimes used to encourage relaxation; however, the patient usually remains awake throughout the procedure unless under general anesthesia. Please call us today at (856) 324-3361 to learn more about our expert sedation services.

Sinus Lift

When the upper jaw lacks adequate bone height to support dental implants, a sinus lift may be recommended. This often occurs when people have lost teeth in their upper jaw – particularly the back teeth. During this jaw surgery, bone is added between the jaw and maxillary sinuses, which are located on either side of the nose. A sinus lift is usually administered by a medical professional who specializes in maxillofacial surgery or periodontics.

Platelet Rich Plasma

A new approach to tissue regeneration, platelet rich plasma (PRP) involves using a patient’s own blood to promote healing of injured muscles, ligaments, and other areas of the body. When used in dentistry, PRP can foster healing throughout areas of the mouth and jaw. Oral surgeons can use PRP during periodontal therapy, jaw surgery, and tooth extractions to reduce bleeding and support tissue restoration.

How Can I Schedule an Oral Surgery Consultation?

Every person faces unique challenges when it comes to dental care. Your primary care provider, dentist, and oral surgeon may recommend several therapies to address your oral health problems. If you believe you are a candidate for a surgical procedure, you may ask yourself, “Where can I receive dental surgery near me?” At our office, we aim to help patients feel as comfortable as possible before, during, and after the procedure. Get started today by giving us a call at (856) 324-3361.

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