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A bright, white smile radiates health and confidence. However, your teeth may accumulate stains and discoloration throughout your life. Fortunately, cosmetic teeth whitening in Voorhees can help restore your smile’s brilliance. This popular procedure is quick, straightforward, and affordable.

Why Should You Get Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening treatment administered at a dental office is referred to as chair-side teeth whitening or power bleaching. Unlike whitening treatments that can be done at home, professional teeth whitening is conducted under closely monitored conditions to ensure that the experience is safe and pain free.

Zoom® Teeth Whitening: Whiten Your Teeth during Your Appointment

Dental Arts of South Jersey is proud to offer Zoom® Teeth Whitening to brighten your smile while you’re in our office. Zoom is the most requested professional teeth whitening brand in America. Zoom Teeth Whitening uses a high-concentration whitening agent that is not available over-the-counter. It’s a fast, effective, and pain-free way to whiten teeth. Most people see their teeth whiten immediately – up to eight shades in less than an hour.

After confirming you don’t have any cavities or gum disease, either our hygienist or our dentist in Voorhees will assess your current tooth color. Then the dental professional will apply the teeth whitening to your teeth and turn on a special light to activate the ingredients. The process is comfortable, and the results can be dramatic. Best of all, it’s hassle-free. You walk out of our dentist office with a whiter smile than when you came in.

Zoom QuickPro: Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening Varnish

Want to whiten your teeth up to four shades after your teeth cleaning? Simply ask our hygienist at Dental Arts of South Jersey to apply Zoom QuickPro.

Zoom QuickPro uses a two-layer technology to whiten teeth. First, the hygienist applies the teeth whitening varnish. Then a sealant layer is applied that dries the varnish in seconds and locks it into place. You leave your dental appointment with the invisible varnish still on your teeth, and then use your usual toothbrush or a paper towel to wipe it off thirty minutes later, revealing your brighter smile.

Best of all, there is little to no tooth sensitivity with QuickPro because the sealant layer keeps the whitening formula from getting on your gums. Our patients in Voorhees find that QuickPro is fast, safe, and comfortable – with results in just 30 minutes.

How Much Does Teeth Bleaching Cost?

There are several factors that determine the cost of teeth whitening. Your individual charges will include the type of teeth whitening products used, the number of whitening treatments required, and any follow-up treatments you receive. If you’re ready to explore your teeth whitening options, call our office at (856) 324-3361 to schedule an appointment. Our dentists can provide you with an estimate of your total cost after assessing your situation.

Is DIY Teeth Whitening as Effective as Professional Whitening?

A professional whitening treatment from a dentist provides faster and more dramatic results than over-the-counter treatments purchased from drugstores. Over-the-counter whitening products like trays, strips, toothpastes, and rinses simply do not contain the power and consistency of a professional whitening gel. Plus, these products can sometimes cause uneven results or irritation if used incorrectly. When you receive a treatment from a teeth bleaching dentist, you can be sure that the process is being administered correctly and efficiently.

What Happens During a Teeth Whitening Procedure?

While the whitening process may vary depending on the patient’s unique needs, it’s usually comprised of the following steps: First, the teeth bleaching dentist examines and cleans the teeth to prepare them for treatment. Photos may be taken to decide what tooth shade is right for you. These photos are also used to document the whitening process. Then, a cheek retractor is placed inside your mouth to allow the dentist to reach your teeth. The dentist then applies a protective liquid over your gums, which limits the risk of irritation. During the final step, several coats of bleaching gel are applied to the teeth, with each coat left in place for a period of time, then removed. After the last gel application, the color changes will be evaluated. Your dentist may recommend a follow-up visit or at-home treatment to enhance your results.

Please give us a call at (856) 324-3361 if you have any questions regarding the teeth whitening procedure.

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